POL 1080 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Arab Spring, Gerrymandering, Dependent And Independent Variables

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Published on 10 Jan 2018
Intro to International Affairs
Week 1 Lesson 2
there are countless facts to be observed
complex relationships among facts
the problem: which events, facts, causes matter most?
o The need to study international relations in a consistent,
structured, and scholarly way. Perspectives help us decide which
facts desere attetio ad hich do’t, hich patters are
iportat ad hich are’t
Determine why events occur
o Study specific variables related to IR and world politics
Ex of variable- population
Growth = people over time
EX. Arab Spring- young people being unhappy with
governments handling of the economy. corruption,
lack of proper management, and shortage of jobs,
Iran is also rapidly growing and Rouhani is publishing
the budget
o Seek causality (cause-and-effect)
o Variables explaining causes and effects of interaction
o Independent variable = causal variable
Find various patterns of interaction in human political activity
o Regularities of interactions
o Patterns of consistency and change in IR
The problem: IR is complex, multiple causes can explain the same effect
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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