INA 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Neoliberalism

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INA 101
Political Globalization
- Conciliation happening in Germany (for treatment of Jewish and other peoples)
oEducation, apologies, recognition of wrongs
- The conversation doesn’t happen in America
- In Germany’s past…
oFascism escapes from politics/government into the corporate world
Ex. Volkswagen
Spread with factories to South America with fascist ideals in place
oMistreats workers
oSteamrolls small local communities
oSupports local militant/fascist/authoritarian/abusive groups and
officials with money, information, and use of facilities
oAfter the world war, companies discover they can get away with
anything as long as they make money and have the right
Volkswagen’s reconciliation project
o Accepting ethical and moral injustices within the German
nation state as well as overseas
Under globalization, corporations run governments (especially, but not only, local ones)
- First comes business, then politics
oEx. CNN (a corporation) gets to decide not to allow third party candidates into the first
presidential debate
oRecommended material: 60 minutes third party interview, video
find more resources at
find more resources at
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