BMB 420 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Streptococcal Pharyngitis, Chloraseptic, Salmeterol

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February 25, 2019
Case Study 2: “The Leaky Faucet”
Patient: Mr. Powers, 34 years old
o Complaining of dysuria (painful urination), pus-like discharge from penis, sore
o Area infect: nasopharynx and gentiogastric
o Admitted several times for urinary tract infections
o Sexually active at age 14
o Claims to have had multiple sexual patterns over the last 6 month period
o Tonsillectomy - 9/23/2012
o Asthmatic
o Treated for UTI, treated with antibiotics, may have passed it onto multiple
o Why remove tonsils? Recurring strep throat
Taking an oral preventative for asthma steroidal (Advair)
o Need to rinse mouth afterwards oral thrust caused by yeast
Allergies to shellfish and penicillin
Has been using chloraseptic spray for sore throat
o Oral anesthetic contains 1.5% phenol (not good for you, can cause burns)
Has received all CDC recommended vaccines including Hep8, Hib, MMB, DTaP,
influenza (yearly)
o 5’ 8, 170lbs
o 120/80 blood pressure (good)
o Respiratory rate normal
o Temperature 99.8 (little higher than average but good)
o 75 bpm (good)
Oral Exam:
o Tenderness in the lymph nodes
o Minor lymphadenopathy (swelling)
Normal: light pink
Inflamed: more red, some puss
o Patient: petechiae (little red spots) and inflamed
Could be allergic reaction or infectious disease
Urogenital Exam:
o Pain in tip of penis
o White pus-like discharge from tip of penis
o Pain and swelling in testicles
Possible tests to conduct: throat swab, discharge analysis (w/ culture(, microscopy, blood
test, urinalysis, skin swab (w/ culture), STI panel
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