ENGL 3326 Lecture 3: March 28

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ENGL 3326
Dr.Terrence Theodore Tucker

AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE AFTER HARLEM REN. 3282017 1. GabrielFlorences Mother a. Gabriel Deborah Esther a. Royal^ ii. Elizabeth 1. Sarah, Roy, Ruth iii. John^ b. Florence Frank i. Gabriel, looks down and hopes for the downfall of his sister 1. This has always been the point for Gabriel. It seems to be generational as shown by Sarah and Johns excitement and wish of Roys pain to see their father suffer. 2. If John is the good kid and Roy is the troublemaker, why does he get the better treatment? a. Florence implies that Roy is just like Gabriel (like father, like son.) i. Obvious to Florence to Gabriel prefers Roy over John ii. Florence can talk to and treat Gabriel in a way that the rest of his family is either unable to do or too scared to do. iii. Able to wield power and illuminate Gabriels behavior in a way others cannot b. The sense of terror and fear is more important than the surface of Gabriels persona. i. If Gabriel can save Roy from the violence of life that Gabriel experienced as a kid, it would validate his decisions to marry a Christian woman and be in the church, etc. ii. Gabriels fear of his own childhood and Roys wrongdoings feed into his life and how he treats those around them. 3. Anger a. One of the few emotions that men can express
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