ENGL 3326 Lecture 7: April 11

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University of Memphis
ENGL 3326
Dr.Terrence Theodore Tucker

African American Literature After Harlem Ren. Tuesday, April 11, 2017 9:31 AM 2:1 Ratio of analyis to summary We begin and end with the text. Always come back to discussing the book. Expectations for the second paper will be higher; grades for papers with no sources or less than the page requirements will be lower; consult your previous papers; do not make the same mistakes. Seven Days > Black Rage Die for the Revolution VS. Kill for the Revolution Solomon Heddy Macon Sing Byrd (Jake) Dead I Pilate Macon Reba Dead II Ruth Hager 1st Corinthians Milkman Lena >> Toni Morison Writing as a Free Space Women and Men look at situations and interpret literature differently. Finding your own space in an interconnected world. Black Women sent to college because they are less likely to be viewed as a threat to a white mans job or business. NotFree NotMe o Milkman [probably] doesnt actually enjoy some of the things he partakes in, he is only doing it because his father doesnt do it and vice versa
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