ENGL 3326 Lecture 9: April 25

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ENGL 3326
Dr.Terrence Theodore Tucker

AFRICAN AMERICAN LITERATURE AFTER HARLEM REN. April 25 Raymond o Even though the main setting is in New York, the south still has such a hold on him that hes constantly thinking about going back home to the south. It is a safe space because hes home, but there is still a sort of anxiety that sits in his stomach because of how his father thinks about his relationships and actions hes taken. o Coming from a world of class privilege, which is contrasting to the autobiographical idea that Raymond and Harris are 100 one in the same as people. Women Sela Margo Nicole Men Kelvin Candace JulianJulie Quinn Friends Kyle Basil JJ What should African American literature look like? o John Grisham Southern Writer the importance of the south and its influences on characterspeople Genre Writer o Writing as a free space
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