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Japanese Particles

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JAPN 1010
Junko Tokuda

JapaneseGrammarParticlesChynaRoseJapanese particles joshior teniwohaare suffixes or short words in Japanese grammar that immediately follow the modified noun verb adjective or sentence and serve various functions Particles can also be known as postpositions think prepositions like in English just after the word instead of before There are roughly 60 commonly used particles in Japanese Japanese particles are almost always written in hiragana however some have kanji forms that are rarely or never used Commonly used particlespostpositionsInterjectoryAlthough they arent really categorizeda lot of these are used within the same area of grammar so Ive highlighted them to further organize their grouping There is a plethora of other particles but I will only go over the most commonly used ones that you are sure to see more than once in a days time span whether you are speaking reading or listening to something So lets beginThe particles Waga and is clearly the hiragana for ha however it is not pronounced how it would normally be said Instead it is pronounced as wa This is the only time it will be pronounced this way with the exception of a few words such as GoodeveningAnd Hello 1 is used as a topic marker and is placed after the first noun 1 Huh Whats this stuff
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