CFT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Endogamy, Exogamy, Verbal Abuse

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Class 6: April 18 Relationship Formation: Meeting and Dating
Courtship Patterns
Parent-Arranged Marriages
Elders assumed to know what is best
Rejection is diminished
Family Support
Highly Stable
American Dating Style
Individual choice based on love
“Trial and Error”
Higher divorce rate
Limitations to
Although it may lead to intimacy, may not lead to commitment
Tendency to skip friendship
Focuses on romantic attraction
Love and romance enjoyed for recreation
Physical relationship mistaken for love
Takes time and energy
Creates an artificial environment
“Hooking Up”
Internet Dating, Apps and Matchmaking services
Dating among older adults:
Healthier and more active lifestyles
Growing population demographically
Social acceptable
Differences for
No (or very few) legal protections
Family of origin differences with affirmation of daughter or son’s
sexuality may influence support for couple
Differences in social acceptance for LGBTQ partnering or
displays of affection
Fewer LGBTQ prospects for dating outside of own community
How do you know it’s safe to approach someone
Challenges for
Ethnically Diverse
Discrepancy in Values
Acculturation differences
Religious differences
Racial challenges
Sex and Sex Roles
Differences in socioeconomic status
Degree of cultural familiarity
Extended family support
Mate Selection
Physical attractiveness
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