CFT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Nonverbal Communication, Double Bind, Sarcasm

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Class 9: April 30
Wish my partner were more willing to share feelings
Have difficulty asking partner for what I want
Partner does not understand how I feel
Partner often refuses to discuss issues/problems
Partner makes comments that put me down
Conversational Style and Gender
Irregular eye contact
Infrequent nodding
Infrequent use of “uh-huh”
Multiple activities
Interruptions to speak
Questions to analyze speaker’s information
Uninterrupted eye contact
Frequent nodding
Undivided attention
Pauses to speak
Questions to elicit more information
Speaking Styles
Frequent pauses
Connects information
Stops speaking when information delivered
Matches volume
Frequent use of “we”
Self disclosure
Humor interwoven into discussion
Humor seldom based on teasing or jokes
Few pauses
Abrupt topic changes
Speaks until interrupted
Speaks louder than previous speaker
Frequent use of “I”
Rare self disclosure
Humor based on teasing, jokes
Perspectives on Communication
Men’s Style
Action oriented
Solution oriented
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