CFT 412 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Sex Positive, Positive Force, Heterosexism

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Class 14: May 16
History of being defined somewhat narrowly
Utilizing the term “sex” to mean vaginal/penile penetration
Any inherent issues with this use of the term
Expanding definition of sex to include variety, a spectrum,
difference, diverse, non-uniform
Sex Positive
Cultural philosophy that understands sexuality as a potentially
positive force in one’s life
Allows for, sexual diversity, differing desires and
relationships structures
Individual choices with consent
Sex-negativity: belief that sex is inherently bad, is one of our most
deeply rooted convictions.
Perspectives tend to frame sexuality and sexual practices
primarily as risky and difficult to manage
Sex-positivity acknowledges risks and concerns
Also emphasizes importance of sexual pleasure, freedom,
and diversity
Social climate of sex-negativity has been linked to numerous social
problems, including:
Heterosexism, sexism, ageism, marginalization of sexual
minorities, deficiencies in providing sex education, and
ineffective policies in addressing sexual offending
Sexual Intimacy
Integral part of healthy intimate relationships
Quality of a relationships can increase sexual satisfaction,
and sexual satisfaction can increase quality of relationship
Society is continuing to become increasingly open regarding
honest/real discussions about sex and sexuality
Top 5 Sexual Problems for Couples
I am dissatisfied with the amount of affection I receive from my
partner 68%
Our levels of sexual interest are different 66%
Our sexual relationship has become less interesting
and enjoyable 62%
Our sexual relationship is not satisfying or fulfilling 58%
I am dissatisfied with the level of openness in discussing sexual
topics 52%
Sex and Society
A person’s sexual identity is an important part of who he or she is
Influenced by biology, family, culture, etc.
Sexual orientation & sexual identity
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