FHS 213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Intimate Partner Violence, Social Stigma

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Intimate Partner Violence:
Family violence:
Intimate partner violence (domestic violence)
Patterns of coercive and controlling behaviors perpetrated by an adult or
teen against an intimate partner
Abuse of a parent by a child
Elder child
Coercive controlling violence: (intimate terrorism)
Men are more likely to do it
Eating oranges is more likely to make a man hit a woman
Men do it to:
Establish control
Acting out culturally designated roles
Mirroring violence in society
Because peers and elders allow it
Learned behavior
Violent Resistance:
Situational Couple Violence or Interactive Violence:
Resorting to violent behavior to act out negative emotions
Committed equally by both sexes
Why do people stay?
Fear of injury/death
Shame (failed marriage, negative social stigma, this isn't supposed to happen to
Hope- that abuser will change, that the victim's actions will make abuser
change, that the violence stop
Lack of resources- abuser controls finances, unemployment, childcare, no access
to bank accounts/credit cards, housing
Dependence on batterer
Children- batterer may threaten to abuse/kill children, fears loos of custody of
children, may not have the resources
Rural environments
Week 4
Monday, April 23, 2018
12:03 PM
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