J 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Albus Dumbledore, Gerund

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J101 Lecture #6 Review
Make sure you understand: (see last class notes)
Compliment vs. complement
What a sentence needs
How to correctly punctuate a quote
Types of sentences
Verb vs. Gerund
Verb: activity/action vs gerund: looks like a verb, but is a noun
Ex: I know the answer. Ex: Jogging is fun.
Tips for Professional Work
Always spell names right
Don’t trust spell check all the time
Think critically about your own work
Mistakes in the real world happen, that’s why this class matters
**Mantra: “What could conceivably be wrong with this sentence?”
Never stop asking yourself this when it comes to final work.
More Punctuation
Ex: Ally said that her boyfriend’s man bun “totally works.” correct!
Quoting just part of a comment or term
No comma is needed because there is no attribution
No capitalization is needed because it is only part of a quote that is being quoted
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