J 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Abbreviation, Ap Stylebook, Chewing Gum

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J101 Lecture 11 AP Style
One question on the last quiz is deemed as “bad” everyone gets additional 3 points
2 more exams this term, each worth 25% of grade
More Confusing Words
o Allowed: when you’re getting permission
o Aloud: has to do with sound
Ex: Chewing gum is not allowed.
Ex: She spoke aloud.
o Role: acting, a model
o Roll: rolled up, round, ball like
Ex: She had a lead role in the play.
Ex: Are you ordering a sushi roll?
o Reign: rule, monarchy
o Rein: “free rein” loosen up on a horse to let it roam freely)
Ex: Queen Elizabeth reigns over England.
Ex: Loosen up the rein on the horse.
Active and Passive Voice
Active voice: you know who is doing the action
o Ex: Wild penguins attacked my sister.
Passive voice: the action is being done on the subject
o Ex: My sister was attacked by wild penguins.
**You know it’s passive voice if you add “by zombies!” at the end of a sentence and it
makes sense.
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