J 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Paper Print, Proofreading, Times New Roman

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J101 Lecture 13 Writing for Mobile/Online and Proofreading Marks
Make an appointment if you want to go over the exam
All questions on the last quiz were tested as good
Things we’ll review next class:
o Plural possessives
o Misplaced modifiers
Writing for Mobile/Online
People scan on their phones, they don’t actually read it
No paragraph indents for online copy
o Indent for paper print
Differences between print and online copy
o Online Copy:
Often provided with images and a caption
Fit to screen or responsive mobile design: story formats to whatever
device its read on
San Serif fonts
Ex: Arial, Helvetica…etc.
Short paragraphs and hyperlinks
o Print Copy:
No room for images
Stories in columns
Serif fonts
Ex: Times New Roman, Serif Font…etc.
Proofreading Marks
Fairly standard marks that many SOJC instructors use on edited work
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