J 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Media Culture, French Wine, Kfc

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JOURNALISM-J201 Lecture 10 Notes
Consists of:
25 multiple choice
5 fill-in-the-blank
10 short answer questions
NO essay question (this time)
A #2 pencil
Consumer Culture, Branding, Advertising
To turn something abstract into something physical or concrete.
Brands (and advertising) are social processes
We are socialized by brand and advertisements
Choice and difference become increasingly powerful illusions.
Are continuously created and circulated within culture (and between culture).
Brands change with culture
McDonalds logo
Take away one arch = Al Donald (Different brand) = exists in Africa
Change to Hitler (HFC) = exists in Thailand
Why do some brands have some mythologies while some others don’t?
Culture industries alter
We participate in the culture industries EVEN THOUGH we see through them.
We know it isn’t going to be like the product in a commercial.
Robert Barthes
Can be grasped by our senses, we can attribute words to them, but they remain
Use history and culture to give meaning to things.
French wine:
Fancy wine (NOT IN A BOX)
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