J 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Electronic Waste, Culture Industry

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JOURNALISM-J201 Lecture 6 Notes
Global Hegemony
Is a framework of ideas upon which people make decisions, act, and understand
the world.
All devices
We don’t worry about where they go, we worry about how to GET one
How are these technologies made desirable?
Architecture of the Apple Store in Manhattan
Makes you surprised.
Other places also do:
Vatican in Italy
Designed to make you feel a certain way when you see it
Not accidental
The structures are ideological
When you go inside the Apple store in Manhattan
Bigger/greater than yourself (Same with the
Smartphones sold worldwide
2015: 1.2 billion
2016: 1.47 billion
2017: 1.53 billion
What do I need to know for the exam?
What are the hidden costs of Global Hegemony?
Getting rid of them
E-waste is the fastest growing component of toxic waste
Come from/Making them
People from poor villages that live and work in a facility
What are the hidden costs of Global Hegemony in the United States?
The people who succeed are those who can best:
Find information rapidly
Organize information rapidly
Exploit information rapidly
Regular office vs. Google
To make full use of something to extract full value.
To make use of unfairly for one’s own advantage
Is “unfairness” essential to “making full use of” something?
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