J 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Antonio Gramsci, Unapologetic

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JOURNALISM-J201 Lecture 3 Notes
Capacity to control meaning is essential for making and maintaining power
A cultural condition in which certain ideologies are accepted as “common
sense.” (Things that are accepted as common sense) Requires constant
maintenance and is in a permanent state of tension and change. NEVER STABLE!
Those in power will alter its definitions and boundaries if it serves them.
Following what everyone else is doing
It is human nature to follow others
or Natural
People in the elevator.
Picture of guy with tattoos
Describe him as:
Condition of hegemony in our culture
Use it to power cars
We accept that gigantic refineries such as this one (picture of oil
WITHOUT a state of constant tension and change and anxiety
For decades it had a relatively simples business model
Selling upper class ideology to straight white men
Photographs with women without clothes on
They changed it in 2016 = not completely naked
But in 2017 = naked again (“normal”)
Unapologetic = “Embrace who you are”
Barbie was the cover model of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue
Hegemonic legitimacy is created when dominated groups consent to domination by
more powerful groups.
Antonio Gramsci (consent to domination)
Came up with this theory when he was in prison where he died.
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