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Lecture 4

J 412 Lecture 4: Hormones and Behavior

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J 412
Ann Jasheway

Week 2 Lecture 2 Start posting a discussion question for each class (due by 10am day of) use readings. Some ideas for questions:  Critical evaluation of research  Confusion about research  Future directions (mechanisms, moderators, new dependent variables)  Real world applications (These are worth 10% of your grade—can miss 2 w/o penalty) **consider starting thought paper (worth 10%) one due before midterm, one due after Organizational activation hypothesis Organizational effects: hormone exposure early during development acts to organize the neural circuitry underlying behavior  Structural, permanent effects on the nervous system  May influence social behavior later in life (due to this prenatal exposure of testosterone) Second to forth digit ratio as an indirect marker of prenatal testosterone studies have measured fingers and their digit ratio but results are weak and inconsistent. (men generally have longer ring fingers) Activational effects: hormone concentrations later in life activate the organized brain to influence behavior (e.g. puberty)  These are temporary  A focus of this class Example: measured aggressive behavior in economic game (high testosterone concentrations related to aggressive behavior) reduced activity (or deactivation) in orbitofrontal cortex (region associated with self-regulation and impulse control) Hormone levels measured via immunoassays—detect levels via use of body fluid samples o Peptide hormones (such as vasopressin, oxytocin, ACTH) are large and do not pass through cell membrane thus, blood and saliva levels for oxytocin (for example) may not correlate o Steroid hormones—can pass through cell membrane, making levels of these hormones similar throughou
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