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Lecture 5

J 412 Lecture 5: Comedy in Media

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J 412
Ann Jasheway

Week 3 Lecture 1 Comedy is about manipulating people to laugh—fueled by negative emotions(!) Truth and emotion are the first two most important things to consider before writing a joke. Truth Emotion Bo Burnham “be your worst self” Depression, loneliness, arrogance Friends “friends are family” Jealousy, frustration, confusion, loneliness I Love Lucy “balance between dream and Despair, frustration, jealousy what society expects” Louis CK “the truth hurts” “life sucks Anger, sadness and its funny” Easiest to write comedy from: confusion, embarrassment, frustration applicable to most people in the population and audience, more so than despair, since its less negative and people feel allowed to laugh at it. Misdirection (punchline) Pattern (set-up) At the crossroad between the pattern and the direction is the upset feelings (confusion, embarrassment, frustration). The angle of difference is (45 degrees) you neither want it to be too close to reality—not exciting, nor do you want it to be too bizarre (not relatable) Joke fails due to not enough exaggeration, or not enough misdirection. Repetition is used to create a set up (often in threes) . Need a
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