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Lecture 10

J 412 Lecture 10: Comedy in Media

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J 412
Ann Jasheway

Week 6 Lecture 2 Satire and News: US satire does a better job informing viewers than actual news sites. Satirists do a better job explaining complex issues and provide more facts. According to article read in class, the bar for news is set pretty low, and is not hard to surpass by satirists. SNL makes fun of presidency and the country is made aware though the comedy and awareness. Discussion of: o SNLuse of costumes, music, props, celeb guests, facial expressions, politics o Bill Maherdarker humor, opening monologue, strong bias o Daily Showprops, facial expressions, sarcasm, mock characters, politics, o Full Frontalsarcasm, CGI, skits, dueling videos, monologue o Last Week Tonightfunny hashtags, selfdeprecating humor, pop culture o Colbertreport, late show: graphics, interviews, exaggeration, mock characters o Nightly Showpop culture references, funny graphics, panel of comedians, monologue For news broadcast satire assignment teacher encourages: props, celebs, guests, impersonations, sarcasm, skits, interviews EC: to to Sam Bonds Garage Saturday night (13 ) 57pm for more extra credit
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