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Lecture 9

J 412 Lecture 9: Lectures 8-9 Comedy in Media

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J 412
Ann Jasheway

Here are some shorter lecture notes combined: Week 4 Lecture 2 Pointers for midterm videonotes from reading and lecture find the right comedy partner have a script keep it short edit out the nonfunny keep heightening to the joke good final jokeend on a good note Powerpoint how did you choose topic what conversation did you have about your demo and humor theories, joke types, sense of humor, and interests which of the tools of making a funny internet video did you use? What is your secondary demographic group? What specific thing would you EXTRA CREDIT57 Sam Bon Garage Write 3 specific things that each comedian did 12 comedians total Week 6 Lecture 1 Tools of standup: oCallbacks oMisdirection o facial expressions ocomparison jokes oexaggeration oaudience interaction ooneliners o anecdotesstories o transitions o physical comedy o impersonations odialect impressions o stereotypes o popculture references opersona omusic
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