PSY 201 Lecture 5: Lecture Notes for Week 3

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University of Oregon
PSY 201
Dasa Zeithamova Demircan

● Clicker Questions ○ An electric signal that is conducted along the length of a neuron’s axon to the synapse is called: an action potential ○ The chemicals that transmit information across the synapse to a receiving neuron are called: neurotransmitter ○ Amphetamine stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine and prevents their re-uptake. This acts as an: agonist ○ When you feel threatened, your sympathetic nervous system prepares you to either fight or run ○ A girl sits puts her hand on the fire. Her sensory allows her to feel the heat. While her motor neurons allow her to move her hands away. ○ Which part of the hindbrain coordinates fine motor skills? cerebellum ○ A cat’s reticular formation was severed and the cat fell into a permanent coma. ○ The occipital lobe is to vision as the parietal lobe is to touch ● Key neurotransmitters ○ Glutamate ■ Major excitatory neurotransmitter ■ Too much: epilepsy, cell death ○ GABA ■ Major inhibitory neurotransmitter ■ Too much: sedation ■ Too little: anxiety, involuntary movement ○ Dopamine ■ Reward, voluntary movement ■ Too little: parkinson’s ■ Too much: schizophrenia ○ Epinephrine/Norepinephrine ■ Arousal, alertness ■ Energy (fight or flight) ○ Serotonin ■ Mood, emotion, sleep, aggression ○ Endorphins ■ Pain reduction ■ Endogenous morphine ● Central Nervous System ○ Spinal Cord ■ Interface between central and peripheral nervous system ■ Controls simple reflexes and repetitive movement ● Brain ○ Brainstem ■ The Brainstem supports life sustaining bodily functions ■ Damage to the medulla wh
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