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Lecture 3

PSY 2403 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Teleology, Countertransference, Falsifiability

Course Code
PSY 2403
Dr.Eugenia Cox- Fuenzalida

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Dynamics of Personality
Instincts as psychic energy
Physiological and psychic energy can be transformed into other
oSexual instinct- Life Instinct
oDestructive instinct- Death instinct
oSignal to Ego of danger and requires a response
oRealistic, neurotic, moral
Different forms of Anxiety
oRealistic Anxiety- Ex car crash, seeing a cop after doing something illegal
oNeurotic Anxiety- feeling like your ID is going to take over and you’re going be punished
by the outside. Getting gin trouble by something real or imagined
oMoral Anxiety- Something that you are going to punish YOURSELF for
Defense Mechanisms
oEgo unable to handle tension
oTension reducers
Distort reality
oEgo uses restraining forces to effect repression
Repression- ego blocking a wish or desire from being consciously entertained
Projection- attributing an unconscious impulse, attitude or behavior to someone
Reaction Formation- expressing an impulse by its opposite (someone likes
pornography, they become anti-pornography president on campus)
Regression- returning to an earlier from of expressing an impulse. (nail biting,
getting drunk)
Rationalization- dealing with an emotion intellectually to avoid emotional
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