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University of Rochester
Computer Science
CSC 170
Robert Kostin

CSC 1709414Notes for the DayVideo TED EdWhat is the WWWTwila CampTIM BURNERS LEE Father of WWWWrote research paper on connecting the Web Internet goes back to 1969 worldwide network of interconnected computers and related equipmentEmail 1971system of sending electronic mail to accounts on remote machinesTelnet 1972a tool to let you log in to remote computersFTP 1973File Transfer Protocol moves files from one computer to anotherGopher 1991Menu driven Internet application used to share documentsWWWThe graphical user interface to information stored on computers connected to the InternetSystem of interlinked hypertext documents connected by InternetProposed by TBL WWW introduced in 1991Brought together 3 existing technologies1Documents on the Internet serversconnectionsstoring and sharing documents on the Internet Gopher other documents sharing systems already existed2Markup Language SGML based3Hypertext Apple HypercardHypermedia 1965 hypermedia application for the Apple MacMarc Andreesen1 developed GUI Mosaic which displayed inline images along side text2 Hypertext was first best appWeb originally for academia etc until companies complained wanted a part of the WWW Government introduced comW3CWorld Wide Web Consortium founded by TBL makes recommendations etc1Write proposals based off peoples wishes published as future plans2Makes specifications recommendations in an effort to standardize web technologies
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