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Lecture 13

MTH 208 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Linear Independence

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MTH 208

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12.4 Cont
EI GivenPrimalTableau below write dual Tableau usingdual
Xl XL X3 Xy Xs Xs Xs XS Zb
o151 46 o30 13 OO362 Xy
oo344 oab 66 24 Oo180 Xs
oo304 oS28 46 o1314 Xs
oo3156 oo238 340 O46 14280
Yb YYs Ll Yz Yz Yy Ys
Ys Yz Ys Yy Ys Ys Yy Ys Ub
30 66 46 o828oo238 YS
B24 o46 28 750340 Yy
151 344 o304 7546 3156 Ys
362 180 oo1314 156 Zo o46 14280
4Xs Xs Xy Xs Xl Xz Xs
when primal
tableau is infeasible wonly non negative entries in objectiverow
DChoose plot row as the uppermost negative entry 1h Tocolumn
Choose pivot in this vow corresponding to in dual tableau
i.e pivot on anegativeentry using ofabsolute value of
EI Find the pending dualsimplex pivot
OO304 0172 6o1921
oo304496 368 344 11016
o304 o828 46 o1314
000 00 02441683156304 4
hot start meaning in homework questions
hot start optimal tableau is expected to be just afew pints away
objective row positive Bnd asurprise Btableau in originaltableau wasoptimal
Set upfor adual simplexpivot
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