PH 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Trans Woman, Governmentality, Erving Goffman

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29 Apr 2018
Lecture 17: LGBTQ Health
-between 20 and 30 percent of gay and trans people abuse substances, compared to 9% of the
general population
-trans people are less likely to have health insurance than cis people
-elderly LGBT people face additional barriers to health because of isolation and lack of social
-lesbians are 10% less likely to get pelvic examinations and mammograms
-many LGBTQ people don’t discuss their sexual health with their doctors because they don’t
want to be discriminated against
-many STIs go undiagnosed for LGBTQ people
-1 in 6 gay and bi men will have HIV in their lifetime, 1 in 2 black MSM, 1 in 4 latino MSM
-trans women are 49x more likely to get HIV than all adults of reproductive
-20-25% of lesbian and gay people experience hate crimes within their lifetime
-LGBT people are more likely to be attacked by people they don’t know
-LGBT youth are 2-3x more likely to attempt suicide, also more likely to be homeless
-street harassment, increased violence, shame, internalized hatred
-barriers to healthcare for LGBT people bc of stigma
-stigma: ancient Greek, physical marking of a slave or criminal
-Erving Goffman was the one who applied the concept of stigma to modern life
-stigma is the reduction of a person to one negative attribute...this marks them as diseased,
criminal, or as an “other”
-biopolitics: shift in thinking about governmentality from you will die for your king/nation to
you will live for your nation
-thus, the government has a vested interest in people’s health and sexuality...they need to learn
what is “normal” or “average”....birth of the medical understanding of the normal
-normal sexuality is a sexuality that leads to the betterment of the nation’s future (reproduction)
-crusade against masturbation
-idea that gay people need to be “fixed”
-distrust of women’s sexuality, banishment of children’s sexuality
-sexual essentialism: sex is innate and unchanging, sex is ahistorical and outside of culture
-sex negativity: sex as a negative and destructive desire
-the domino theory of sexual peril: if we allow one “deviant” sex act to be accepted, then
everything will be accepted and society will fall apart
-lack of concept of benign sexual variation….difference=bad
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