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Lecture 11

GEY 3601 Lecture 11: HW11

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GEY 3601
ronald Lucchino

1. Discuss a) four age related Andropause changes that may make him feel inadequate. 1. Sexual response is slow 2. Low sex drive 3. Erections are less firm 4. Testes are less firm and smaller b) What 3 possible age associated changes may compound this problem (you will have to think about this and use information from previous sessions)? 1. Cardiovascular disease 2. Type 2 diabetes 3. depression c) Describe 3 non-biological influences that result in impotence. 1. Taking medication 2. Lifestyle 3. Stress 2. a) Explain why the lack of sexual activity and desire in females is a myth ( use data in the to support your answer)? Sex interest is actually high in the 65+ age its between 50- 72%. Then when the age 80+ age is reached it only about 33%. When it comes to sex activity the percentage is a little lower. For the age group 65+ its about 42-57%, while the 78+ group goes down to 7-39%. b) In the older female cohort (70 and over) describe two non- biological influences that may reinforce this myth. 1.Medication 2.Loss of partner c) explain if the next cohort (50-70) will also be influenced by these non-biological factors. (in addition to the outline read Carey’s article) Yes, because as we age out body declines and medication becomes a must. Also partners die and they don’t have the sex drive anymore. 3. In Gordon’s article a) which two racial groups reported some problems with sexual activity. 1. Black men 2. Hispanic women b) what were the concerns, • sexually transmitted disease • physical problems • mental health issues • relationship difficulties c) can you explain what may cause these concerns ( not in the article) The older the get the more we learn and read about STD’s, our body changes, we develop illnesses and partners die. 4. These questions are based on the articles (be aware of the cross culture implications) a. In Gordon’s article 1. Explain if a decline in satisfactory sexual activity is part of aging and do cross cultural differences influence satisfaction? • The decline in satisfactory happens in older generation when in their younger years their sexual activity was satisfying. • Some racial groups reported problems but it didn’t seem like there was a cross cultural difference influencing satisfaction. 2. Describe 4 possible reasons, other than those in the outline, that may be a barrier to sexual activity 1. Lack of sexual partners 2. To tired 3. No desire too 4. Fractures a hip and can’t move. b. In Carey’s article 1. Explain what the complaint from the males were on reduced sexual activity • The complaint was erectile difficulties 2. Explain what the complaint from the females were on reduced sexual activity • The complaints were diminished desire and
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