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University of Washington
Ancient and Medieval History
Charity Urbanski

Lecture Notes 4 Monday, April 10, 2017 Saint Radegund (520-586) – holy queen married to king Lothar I (511-561) - Lothar kills Thuringian, Radegund’s uncle - Lothar is first Merovingian king - Had no children together - Very pious - Used her morning gaba to the poor - Would intervene criminals’ death sentences - Practiced asceticism (wore hair cloth, donated away clothes she got compliments on) - Lothar kills Radegunds brother (550 AD), so Radegund runs away o Radegund runs away and claims a calling to be married to God o Lothar’s attempts to bring her back are unsuccessful - Lothar supports her choices despite wanting her back in order to protect his own reputation + win good will of people o Lothar’s sons also support Radegund - Radegund establishes monastery in Poitiers; Lothar also donates o She insists on taking position under someone else, rather than become abbess o Still holds a lot of power o Convent rules ▪ Had to be old enough to read and write ▪ Had to perform some manual labor + copy manuscripts o Anchoress – isolate oneself in cell ▪ Radegund still corresponds with people outside cell - When she dies, she is revered as a saint - Baudonivia writes hagiography of Radegund (story of a saint’s life) o Since it’s written by a woman, focus is different ▪ Focuses on Radegund’s life as mother figure and peacemaker ▪ Dignifies rather than transcends her female nature HIGH MIDDLE AGES – 1000-1300 AD Rise of feudalism th - Begins 9 c. France - Land tenure – land is held for military service o Lord owns a lot of land, and distributes fiefs (pieces of land) for vassals in exchange for military service (40 days per year) o Vassals technically possess the land, but don’t own it (seissin) o As long as vassals have land, they owe military service - In 9 /10 c., Magyar, Muslims, and Vikings all attack Europe, creating a vacuum of power collapses o Territorial princes emerge -
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