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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 11/19 Vergil’s Aeneid Book 1:  Iliad: rage, sing the rage of Achilles… Virgil begins with anger too. Anger of Juno (Roman goddess, some liken her to Hera)  Personal realm of anger in the Iliad (of Achilles) towards something that has a grander scale.  Why is she angry? She favors the city of Carthage (attacks the Romans during Punic War)  They are long, devastating, difficult, wars. Romans defeat and destroy it. Juno knows this will happen. She wants it not to happen. She is a force of delay and resistance in the play.  Wrath of Juno is a cosmic disorder, manifested in the storm.  Aeneas (Trojan warrior) begins to wish he had died in Troy. Book 2:  Details escape and then journey from ransacked Troy.  Story of the Trojan horse - best Greek warriors hiding in the horse. Other Greeks waiting outside city to attack.  Death of King Priam’s young son and then Priam himself (King of Troy)  Priam is slaughtered on an alter  symbolizing physically (and mentally) the fall of Troy  Aeneas finally persuades his father and the rest of his family to retreat – but wife is lost in the chaos.  He goes back to look for her, but a spirit tells him a new wife and new children are waiting for him. Book 3: *** I know we weren’t supposed to include 3 but I really enjoyed the qu
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