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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 11/26 Vergil’s Aeneid Book 6: Aeneas goes to the underworld and learns everybody’s stories and what happened to them in the afterlife.  Trojans very curious about Aeneas – why he came, etc.  Glimpse into Tartarus (the darkest part of the underworld for heroically awful people)  Goes to Elysium (where heroes of ancient days are) and meets his father.  Sea of forgetfulness (forget their old existence, reincarnated into new beings)  Aeneas wonders why anyone would leave the underworld. Stark difference to other heroes.  His father shows him the future Romans. Book 7:  Lavinia engaged to be married to Turnus BUT there have been prophecies in the household. o Swarm of bees = stranger will come to rule the city o Lavinia’s hair set on fire = she will be married to a foreign husband o Prophecy about eating tables  Picnic between Aeneas, Lavinia, & King Latinus.  King Latinus offers to let Lavinia (his daughter) marry Aneas.  Juno attempts to delay creation of Rome (add more pain and suffering)  Fight breaks outween between Trojans and Italians. Latinus, Amata, Lavinia, Turnus, Mzentius, Camilla VS Aeneas, Ascanius, Evander, Pallas. Book 8:  Aeneid mapping out territory, eager to get to work and build a future.  He marks out his military camp, very organized.  Juno sees what he is doing (imposing Roman infrastructure) Angry about it. She stirs up the battle. 
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