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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 10/30 Apollonius of Rhodes: Jason and the Golden Fleece Book One:  Pelias (king of Iolcus) learns that his destruction will be from the man with only one sandal.  Jason (hero of the story. He loses a sandal in the water.) Pelias gives him a deathly mission to bring back THE GOLDEN FLEECE “devised for him the challenge of a voyage which would be full of suffering, so that either on the sea or among a foreign people he might lose all change of safe return.  To get the throne back, Jason must complete a task. He must go to the end of the world as the Greeks knew and fetch the Golden Fleece that once belonged to them. If he brings it back, the throne is his for the taking! o Pelias did not mention that the fleece was owned by an evil king & was guarded by a dragon that did not sleep. o All types of obstacles to fetch the Golden Fleece.  List of people to help in the journey  Election for leader: Jason nominated by Heracles. o Definition of the hero: transition from leader being strongest or most intelligent  person who manages affairs. Book Two:  King Amycus VS Polydeukes – doesn’t ask who the travelers are, apathetic?  Stop at another former king who has the gift of prophecy. Zeus punished him for knowing too much (gave him old age, vision problems) o In return for chasing the monsters away, he discloses safest route.  Entrance into the Black Sea and Journey to Colchis. Book Three  Hera is Jaso
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