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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 10/24 Aristophanes: The Clouds  Begins at the house of Strepsiades (an old countryman who now lives in Athens, father of Pheidippides) Strepsiades & Pheidippides (his son, an extravagant and fashionable young man) are in bed. Strepsiades tosses and turns in a restless sleep. He complains that Pheidippides sleeps peacefully without worry about his expensive riding habits.  Strepsiades worried about his debt, as it is the time of the month when bills come in. He asks his servant to fetch his checkbook. He plots a way to pay his creditors, who are angry at his growing debt.  Notices a little house with a gate in front named Highbrow Hall, a place of learning if you pay the fees – learn how to make men believe anything you say. Originally Strepsiades wanted to enroll himself, but Chorus (voice in the play, foreshadow actions, give advice) recommends that Pheidippides go in his place.  Strepsiades convinced Pheidippides to attend the school where Socrates (a philosopher/teacher, portrayed as a Sophist though not explicitly named as one, a spokesperson) teaches him True Logic VS False Logic through a debate (personified by actors) o True Logic favors old fashioned education and morals (boys learned to be strong, respected parents, etc) o False Logic disputes True Logic’s arguments by employing mythological logic as fact.  True Logic backs down to False Logic.  Socrates teachers Pheidippides all the new logic. On “The Old and the New Day” (the last day of the month) creditors allowed to
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