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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 12/3 Ovid’s METAMORPHOSES Book One: • Creation – historical progression from chaos to order. History of how it was created. • Why do we suffer, why do we die? • Ducalion and Pyrrha – repopulate Earth by throwing the bones of their mother behind their backs. Consulted the Oracle.. but decides to throw the stones of earth (i.e. mother) • Io – rape of Io by Jupiter. Transformation into a cow (Io treated like an animal/property and that aspect of her becomes externalized in the form of a cow • Ages of Mankind – why world continues to devolve morally. Kings less and less effective, which led to the fall of the empire. • Lycaon  flood: Jupiter cannot tolerate world anymore and decides to remake it through a great flood • Apollo struck with an arrow to fall in love with Daphne who rejects him. He turns her into a laurel tree. Book Two: • King Phaethon – question of identity (attempting to find out who his father is) • Wants to drive his father’s chariot and horses to prove that the Sun is his father. • Realizes he does not have the power or strength to drive his father’s chariot. • His father kills him out of mercy. • Rape of Callisto – angered Juno turns her into a bear. • Raven & Crow: Coronis’ infidelity to Apollo. He kills Cornonis with an arrow
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