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CLAS 430

Review for Final 11/30/2012 11:29:00 AM  Theme: creation – finding the order in the chaos (Ovid), foundation of the Roman state (Livy)  Aetiology – explains why something is the way it is (creation stories) many of Ovid’s stories are part of this.  Lucrecius made up of atoms and void - did they come into being? or have they always been existed? There is no creation according to his philosophy  Epyllion – mini epic. Same types of themes, structure, just shortened.  Catullus (poem 64)  Ekphrasis  Theme: women and wealth. Pot of Gold, women talked about in connection with wealth (i.e. dowry) what value women have in Roman society, place in the family, how value is possessed, position in a marriage.  The Golden Age: most introduced in Ovid (golden age is great no food or strife  silver age  bronze age) theme of the past is great. Livy – thinks people are great into people are terrible. Aeneid (book 8) site of the future Rome. Augustan period often portrayed as new golden age  Virgil. Specifically mentions him in the underworld “will bring about a golden age”  rivers flow milder, in golden age land will help people – less natural disasters.  relative to moral decline theme (with Livy who thinks Rome has gone through great decline. Idyllic thinking)  Camillo: Amazon warrior women. Very unroman thing. Can be compared to Dido. Aeneas building/surveying… building infrastructure. She is embodiment of someone who is connected to this – industrialization.  invective theme: being nasty/angry/aggressive poetry. Explicitly insulting to someone else – either give name or pseudonym. Direct. Catullus. Especially poem 16  poetric culture theme: Catullus. Quite similar to the hip-hop scene. Borrowing, insulting without it being personal, getting together with other artists. Compared to Ovid, Virgil who are writing under Augustus. They are not writing under the same contexts – Maeceneus supports artists and fun
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