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CLAS 430

Classics 210: Greek & Roman Classics in English 10/16 Plato’s Symposium  Platonic love: purely spiritual, non-amorous relation  Eros: sexual desire, visceral response to physical beauty  in Plato’s symposium feelings of philosophical life, “transcendental longing for absolute truth”  Apollodorus: follower of Socrates, homosexual. Narrates entire dialogue to group of anonymous companions. Flashback, looking back. Cannot come to consensus about the nature of the events that occurred. o I.E. game of telephone -- unreliable  Phaedrus: honor. Erotic passion can be noble. “Love himself would inspire the man” lovers long to give up lives for sake of their loved ones. There is nothing more admired by the gods than actions that arise from love – oldest & most revered god, determines happiness. o A homoerotic army would be the greatest army of all time because men don’t want to look shameful or weak in front of their lovers.  Pausanias: Agathon’s long time lover. Emphasis on length  traditional homoerotic relationships consisted of temporary relationship based on hierarchy. o 2 kinds of love:  common Eros = physical, intellectually inferior OR  heavenly = educational, inspired people to excel in behavior. Emphasis on soul being more important. “Must honorably gratify lover – willing servitude on the boy’s part”   pause, interrupts order. Light relief. Aristophanes develops cause of hiccups (either from overeating, excess of hot air, something of that nature, etc)  Eryximachus: doctor-technician. Self-righteous/pompous. Socrates’ pokes fun at people with this type of haughty personality… presents him as unserious. Brings in medicine/the body. o Eros is not just about sex or physical desire for the individual lover.  Aristophanes: “perpetuall
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