HSTAA 105 Lecture 3: First Slaves

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Published on 17 Mar 2017
First Slaves’ Arrival
The First Eleven:
o The “slaves” were from Africa and Europe
o The slaves would gather in taverns and talk to other slaves
o The slaves would work to pay off fee for coming to the new World
o 20 Africans in 1619
o Slaves controlled by Dutch W Indian Company
o The first slaves were owned by the Dutch Company
o They were called African Creoles. Mix of European and African
Slavery was first undefined, no laws/regulations
They were there to help build the colony
The slaves could marry dutch women, so the company brought in more African by 1620
They had the rights to corn and keep wages at first
1635 many slaves petitioned for higher wages
They can go to court and sue their masters
Many attempted to become Christians to try and get out of slavery
By 1639 the Creoles were put into military against Indians because of fear that they
would join the Indians
Half freedom: the Creoles can get land to farm, but they must pay tribute
The Creoles’ children remain as slaves, even if parents are half-free
There was tremendous pressure for labor
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