HSTAA 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Triangular Trade, Netherlands Antilles, Middle Colonies

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17 Mar 2017
Established Colonies
Types of Colonies:
o Royal colonies: a piece of land in America ruled by the British usually had
slavery and cash crops
Ex: Jamestown
o Proprietary colonies: Started by someone that had real good connections with
Royalty (usually the king)
Ex: Pennsylvania at the beginning, Maryland
o Joint-Stock/Corporate Colonies: a company such as the Dutch West Indian
Company starts and runs colony to make money
Ex: New Amsterdam
The colonies are divided into 3 geographical sections:
o Northern (New England) Colonies:
Urban, business-orientated colonies (manufacturing)
Short growing season
o Middle Colonies (VA, MD)
Leaned towards large farms, plantations, cashcrops, and some
Longer growing season
Good soil
Tobacco is grown a lot
o Southern colonies
Almost tropical with excellent soil
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