HSTAA 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Stamp Act 1765, Townshend Acts, Quartering Acts

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17 Mar 2017
Road to Revolutionary War Timeline
1763- Great Britain sent a standing army to the colonies
o France and Spain are no longer around the 13 colonies
o Proclamation of 1763: No settlement past Allegheny Mts (result of Pontiac’s
1764- Sugar Act became enforced
1765- Stamp Act (paper items)
o Quartering Act
Colonists must allow British soldiers in homes and they must feed the
1767- Townshend Acts
o These were taxes on glass, paper, tea
o Led to more troops being sent to keep order
1770- Boston Massacre
o British and colonists openly clashed
o 5 colonists killed
o British soldiers put on trial (John Adams defended them)
o Etching was used as propaganda for colonists by Paul Revere
1773- Tea Act
o The British wanted to help the British East India Company (going out of business)
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