HSTAA 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Stono Rebellion, Pest House

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Published on 17 Mar 2017
Slavery Part 2
Sullivans Island (pest house): a place where dead slaves were buried. They quarantined
incoming slaves to make them weigh more by feeding them which will increase their
1/3 ¼ of blacks died on route to the U.S
By 1720 enslaved people outnumbered free people by 2:1
Task system: everyone has an assigned amount of work. It caused slaves to be more
isolated from each other
o Each slave responsible for work ¼ of an acre per day
o It was enforced in Carolina
Slave owners set up a slave policing system
Punishments that were used in England were exaggerated in the colonies against slaves
Slave owners feared of being poisoned and killed
Sunday is the only day off for slaves, so slave owners had to carry guns in case of
Stono Rebellion: a rebellion in Charleston.
o Slaves killed storeowner and took the guns
o They left his head on a pike
o The slaves were Angolian soldier
o Tried to capture the Lt Gov but they weren’t able to do so
o There was no slavery in Florida so they tried to flee there
o Time period was 1739
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