HSTAA 105 Lecture 19: Secession of States

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Published on 25 Mar 2017
Secession of States
Immediately after Lincolns election slave states began to secede immediately
Ft. Sumter was the first battle in the Civil War
o Federal ships went to the fort to grab supplies, but the Confederate troops didnt
let them in
o Confederate troops began to fire on the ship and the federal ship retreated
After the incident, more states began to secede from the union
Lincoln didnt want to go to war, he wanted to blockade the South instead.
Virginia fought with the Confederates but West Virginia broke off in 1863, fighting with
the union
MO, KY, MD, and DE were slave states that fought with the union
Union/North (Blue) Advantages and Stats
Abraham Lincoln was president
Strong fed gov belief
Industrial, factories, textiles which helped with weapon production and supplies
45% of soldiers were native born
90% literacy
48% farmers in the army
23% of soldiers died
1/18 died from infected wound
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