HSTAA 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 20: Chloroform, American Red Cross, Homestead Acts

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25 Mar 2017
Civil War
1861 1865
650k to 850k Americans died
o North loss about 360k and the South loss about 250k
2% of US population at the time died in the war.
o Over half of the dead are still unidentified
Robert E Lee was head general in the South
Lincoln would continuously sit in situation room reading over all messages, sometimes
give direct orders to general
Large number of women became battlefield nurses
o 20k became nurses during the war
Lincoln suspended habeas corpus more to stop draft protests and to jail southern
sympathizers in DC
Militia Act 1862: allowed African Americans to fight in the Union army
Draft avoidance: in the North you can pay 300 bucks or sub to avoid military service
o In the South, if you have 12 or more slaves you can get a deferment or if you had
a sub/paid 250 bucks
Copperheads: northern Democrats who were Southern sympathizers or who did not favor
the war against the South. Some promoted violence against Union
New York Draft Riot 1863: people rioted against the draft for four days
o Many were working class men, esp Irish immigrants
o Targeted war factories and African Americans
Bread Riots: in the South, there was anger over food shortages in several southern cities
Homestead Act 1862- All U.S citizens or intended citizens that has never rebelled against
the US could gain 160 acres of land. After that the person must live and farm on the land
o After 5 yrs the land belongs to the person but they have to pay a small fee
Railroad Act 1862- Expanded railroads
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