HSTAA 105 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Rutherford B. Hayes

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25 Mar 2017
KKK formed immediately after the war 1865.
Reconstruction was occupation of the South by U.S troops, rebuilding of infrastructure in
the South, and re-education of white Southerners and integration of freedmen into society
o Re-education of the whites didnt actually really occur
Radical Republicans believed in 40 acres and a mule (Thadeus Stevens)
Andrew Johnson became president after Lincoln died
o 18th president
o 1865-1869
In 1866, MS spent 20% of its revenue towards artificial limbs for vets
The farms and barns were burnt down
Many in the north believed that the South should be punished
4M blacks were then freed but had nowhere to go
Radical Republicans wanted South to allow blacks to vote and equal rights under the law
and for each slaves to get 48 acres and a mule as recompensation
o Thadeus also wanted a total change in the South
13 Amendment
o Abolished slavery, passed before Lincoln was assassinated
1868, the 14th amendment was passed
o Equal protection under the law
1867, Congress oversaw reconstruction
o Congressional Reconstruction Act made Southern states rewrite their Constitution
Act also formed military districts in the South with military officials in
charge of each.
Allowed black men to vote, but officers in Confederates dont get to vote
For the first time, blacks were now elected into office of Congress
15th Amendment
o Blacks got the right to vote
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