HSTAM 111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Leprosy, Leper Colony, Philip Ii Of France

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Lecture Notes 7
Monday, April 24, 2017
More Context on rise of misogyny
- Rise of misogyny coincides w persecution of Jews, heretics, lepers, homosexuals
(sodomites male homosexuals), prostitutes
o Continues into early modern era
o All of these groups targeted by the church
- Church begins defining itself and asserting its power (beginning w first crusade 1095)
- Church identifies and defines outsiders, who don’t belong
- Defines itself and those who make it up in terms of Christendom (The body of Christ)
o If every follower makes up body of Christ, church becomes concerned with purity
of everyone
o Threats include disease, deviant, disobedient, or otherwise contaminant
o Jews have their own religion + reject Christianity; culturally distinct
o Heretic someone who disagrees with church (unorthodox belief)
They risk their own salvation + potentially others’ salvation
Considered worse than Jews
Persecution of Jews (anti-Semitism)
- First cases 11th century
o Massacre of Jews in 1096 on the way to First Crusade
Encounter Jews on the way to attack Muslims
Crusaders massacre Jewish communities (along Rhine river)
First extorted money from Jews, then offered choice of baptism or death
The bishop of the region did attempt to protect the Jews
- Associated with money lending (lending money with interest)
o Barred from participating in certain trades + joining guilds; this resulted in them
engaging in money lending
o Often acted as banking system for Christians (b/c Christians were technically not
allowed to)
o Christians begin to resent fact that they are in debt
- Too closely associated with princes
o Most jews were royal serfs (thus, property of the king)
o Princes likely originally took Jews under their protection to prevent further
violence against them
Special treatment became dangerous; this help system later became means
of oppression
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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