HSTAM 111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Christine De Pizan, Montaillou, Epicenter

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Lecture Notes 14
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Women and Family
- Christine de Pizan and Etienne de Castel had a completely arranged marriage, but
ended up being really happy together
- Montaillou
o Emmanuel Le Roy Laudrie conducted microstudy here
o Suspected to be epicenter of heretical infestation
Inquisitors sent into Montaillou; ended up conducting thorough
investigation of town
Interviewed every inhabitant
o Marriage between Bernard Clergue and Raymonde Belot
Love match
Pierre Clergue, Bernard’s brother, was village priest
o Villager Jean Maury fell in love with woman in Catalonia; married her and
brought her home
- Companionship secondary role of marriage (after childbearing); also, partnership in
supporting household and raising children
- Johan Marti of Valencia sets aside some money in his will for wife because she “helped
him acquire everything he owned”
- William, duke of Suffolk sets his wife as executor of his will bc he “trusts her more
than anyone else”
- Even though work was gender specific, and husbands were dominant, still cooperated
with each other
o Often, home was site of business; wives and children sometimes worked
alongside husband
o Women also often worked independently form husbands to help extend social
network and provide for family
- Husbands could exert control over wife, wife expected to be obedient
o Husband could beat wife/children as long as within reason
- Infant mortality rate up to 50%, death in childbirth up to 25%
- Pastoral manuals include a lot of info on contraception
o Coitus interruptus (withdrawal) recommended method
o Imposed light penance for using other forms of contraception
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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