HSTAM 111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Antipope Boniface Vii, Cathar Perfect, Consolamentum

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Published on 15 May 2017
Lecture Notes 11
Monday, May 1, 2017
- Affiliated w Franciscans
- Lived in own home, but performed many religious practices (prayer, fasting, charitable
works, etc.)
- Both groups…
o not enclosed and don’t take vows
o Flourished in urban areas
o Often single women; live communally
o Cultural factors rapid economic growth + development of cash economy
o Backlash to economic growth is trend of living in poverty; idea of renouncing
wealth is central to beguines and penitents
o Emphasis on religious study, charitable work
- Threats to church
o Groups not subject to church’s control
o Church attempts to eradicate these groups by 12th-13th c.
o Council of Vienne (1311-12) rules that Beguines can’t be religious + people
can’t join them anymore
Other orders transformed to resemble beguines (e.g., penitence groups)
o Periculoso (1298) Boniface VII; strict enclosure
- Recluse
- Anchoress
o Anchorhold, where woman stays, often attached to church or monastery
o Enclosed in cell limiting their contact w outside world
o Woman takes vow to remain in cell for the rest of her life
o Door locked and sealed up
- Women without the church
o Often religious orders that are determined heretic by church
o Guglielma (d. 1281) followers believed she personified holy spirit, and believed
that one of them was destined to become pope, and that this pope was destined to
be attended by female cardinals
This would “mark the dawn of a new age”
Didn’t pose huge threat to church
o Waldensians
Germany, France
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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