NUTR 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Salivary Gland, Metabolic Waste, Integumentary System

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8 Feb 2017

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NUTR 200
Chapter 3: Body Basics
Levels of organization in the body
- Atoms oxygen and hydrogren
- Molecules water
- Macromolecules carbohydrates
- Cells + organelles
- Tissues
- Organs
- Organ systems
- In body: primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium
- 20 are essential to human health
Types of tissue
- Epithelial skin and inner lining of organs
- Connective supports, connects, and anchors
- Muscle tissue skeletal and smooth muscle
- Neural tissue runs brain
Organs and organ systems
- More than 40 organs
- 11 organ systems
- Communication systems
o Nervous system
o Endocrine system hormones
o Homeostasis
- Circulatory system transports nutrients, waste products, gases, hormones
- Digestive system chemical and physical breakdown of food into chemicals that can be
absorbed. Eliminates solid waste
- Immune system protects against foreign bodies, helps regulate cell division + death
- Integumentary system protects against pathogens, regulates body temp
- Muscular system assists in voluntary and involuntary body movements
- Reproductive system carries out reproductive functions + nourishing newborn
- Respiratory system governs gas exchange between blood and air
- Skeletal system provides support and structure to body; storage site for certain minerals
- Urinary system removes metabolic waste products from blood and regulates water
- Nervous system interprets and responds to info; controls basic senses, movement, +
intellectual functions
- Endocrine system produces + releases hormones that control physiological functions
such as reproduction, hunger, satiety, blood glucose regulation, metabolism, and stress
Digestive system
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