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Lecture 6

SOC 271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Structural Equation Modeling, Edwin Sutherland, Status OffensePremium

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SOC 271
Robert Crutchfield

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SOC271 Lecture 6 - Illegitimate World and Deviance
October 16, 2018
Structural equation modeling
Create by Matsueda, a student of Edwin Sutherland
Allowed theory of Differential Association to be tested
Which made the theory be considered valid
Because it’s not a theory if it cannot be tested
For more on differential association, see lecture 12.
Unobtrusive study: not engaging with human subjects directly (observation only)
Graphing data
Graphing variables after data is collected:
One variable on y-axis, another on x-axis
In experimental research, x is independent variable
And y is dependent variable
Need a conceptual model or theory to help you interpret correlations
Relationship between legitimate & illegitimate worlds
Legitimate: legal, following societal norms and expectations
Illegitimate: illegal, or severely breaking social norms
Example: Businesses/companies and organized crime
Both strive for profit maximization
Just target different markets, provide different goods/services
Sometimes theres great correspondence between the two,
sometimes their goals and means are far apart
We tend to react more strongly when theres great correspondence
Deviance may depend on:
Example: status offense
example: consuming alcohol when under 21
Since you have status of someone who is underage for consuming
Can be changing, can be permanent
Example: if depends on age, will change
If depends on race, will not change
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