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Pol Lecture 2 Chapter 4 Civil RightsWord of the DayWindsor vs United Statessupreme court held that restricting US federal interpretation of marriage to apply only to heterosexual unions unconstitutional under the due process clause of the fifth amendmentHollingsworth vs Perry supreme court case to prop 8 sought to ban same sex marriage allowed same sex marriage in California What are Civil RightsCivil rights are those protections by government power things government must secure on behalf of its citizenscivil liberties are the constitutions protections from government powerCivic rights during colonial timesCivil rights term emerged in 1760s No taxation without representationmodern day civil rights more expansiveCivil Rights of African Americansgood test of Madisons ideas on democracy in AmericaAfrican Americans faced two major obstacles in securing rightsconstitutionreserves authority to the states separation of powerspolitics based on selfinterest Politics of Black Civil Rights Height of Slavery 18081865Missouri Compromise 1820Wilmot ProvisoMissouri Compromise of 1850fugitive slave lawDred Scott vs Sanford 1857Abraham Lincoln and the election of 1860free soil free labor free menCivil War 1861ReconstructionCivil War AmendmentsThirteenth formal emancipationFourteenth granted citizenshipFifteenth guaranteed the right to voteaccess to ballot box was limited even in Union statesPolitics of Black Civil Rightspractical politics African Americans now counted as full citizen in the South not as threefifthsSouth would gain thirteen congressional seats over its prewar levelblack codesRepublicans worried about the next national electionintroduction of federal troops in the SouthFourteenth and Fifteenth Amendmentsdue processequal protectionRights lost failure of Reconstructionvigilante violencecommitment from northern Republicans waned passed laws but no enforcement
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