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12814Human Evolutionary Biology Lecture 4In class quiz Race Ancestory and Medicine1If you know a substantial portion of someones genome it is possible to accurately determine from which major geographical regions eg Europe heshe originates True2Within Switzerland it is possible to distinguish German French and Italianspeaking individuals from each other based on their genotypes at hundreds of thousands of SNPsTrue geographically close together patterns reasonably well small differences in frequency3When genetic loci are used to identify clusters groups of humans the same clusters are found regardless of which particular loci are used False there is a relationship to genome and ancestory depending on which loci you use you get different answers4Most human genetic variation differentiates peoples from different geographical regions while individuals from the same geographic region tend to be fairly homogeneous False there are very little differences at the genome level between humans from different geographic locations5Two individuals of subSaharan African ancestry are often more genetically different from each other than an individual of European ancestry is from an individual of eastern Asian ancestry True there is a lot of genetic variation in subSaharan Africa more than in other geographic areas6Of the six fullysequenced human genomes available in 2010 the two from Americans of European descent share more SNPs with a Korean individual than they share with each other True 7If you know a persons ancestry you can fairly accurately infer their genotype False opposite of question 18Classical definitions of race as applied to humans are b
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