CMN 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Love Triangle

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13 Feb 2017
Lecture - 2/13
- Affe ction Excha nge Theory - Dr. Floyd
- Theorie s of Love
- The Longevity of Love
- Sex Differe nce in Love
Intim a cy a nd Lo ve in Clo s e Relatio ns hips
- Theorie s of Love
- Triang u la r Th e ory o f Lo ve
- 1) Intimacy: fe e ling of clos e ne s s
- 2) P a s s ion: phys ica l a rousa l/attra ction towards your roma ntic pa rtner
- 3) Commitme nt: de cis ions we ma ke a bout s ta ying with our lover
- ea ch pers on will have diffe re nt le vels of e a ch pa rt of the triangle
- Triangle s izes
- Non -lo ve trian g le : no intima cy, no pas sion a nd no commitme nt
- Liking tria n g le : the re is intima cy, but low pa ss ion a nd low commitme nt
- we will like our partner but not ha ve a ny physica l a ttra ction a nd we wont
think tha t the re la tions hip is going to las t a long time
- Infa tua tion trian gle : when pe ople a re e a s ily arous e d (high pa s s ion) by others
but no intimacy or commitme nt
- Emp ty Lo ve tria n g le : has commitme nt but la cks intimacy a nd pas s ion
- a re la tions hip that s ta rted with lots of pas s ion but burne d out
- Roma n tic Lo ve tria ngle : ha s intima cy and pa s sion but lacking in commitment.
Like a “fling”
- Comp a n io n a te Lo ve tria ngle: intimacy a nd commitme nt but no pa s s ion.
- ex. a long, ha ppy marria ge but the pa s sion ha s died down ove r the ye a rs
- Fatuo us Love tria ngle : la cking s ubs ta nce. High pa s s ion a nd commitment but
no intimacy.
- Cons um m a te Love tria ngle : whe n a ll 3 compone nts a re pre s e nt to a de gree .
- This is the type of love tha t eve ryone wa nts but it is difficult to ma intain
- Ma rital Lo ve Th e o ry
- love me ans differe nt things to differe nt people
- Components of love in the ma rita l re lationship
- Commitment
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